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Plant-based diet - Day IV

Plant-based diet - Day IV

 Being away from home, in the middle of nowhere in the mountains I kind of had to eat from the food my family bought, so to stick with my plant-based diet this was reduced to vegetables only. Not so fun and not so filly either. And not really worth taking pictures of so I will make a very short brief of what I ate. 



Breakfast: all-green spicy juice (I made it before leaving home)

How to: mix spinach, cucumber, green apple (half), celery and ginger to make it a bit spicy


Lunch: summer-vegetables salad

(tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and spring onion) 


Dinner: grilled mushrooms, eggplants and red pepper

My dad BBQ-ed and I ate only the vegetables


Guilt-free snack  - a glass of red wine, not so guilt-free more like an exception


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