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Plant-based diet - Day V

Plant-based diet - Day V

It’s good to be back home a enjoy my favorite kind of food!



Breakfast: organic oats with blueberry

How-to: soak oats over night in almond milk until creamy. Ad the fruits and some spices if you want (I usually use cinnamon or cardamon)


Lunch: humus with vegetables sticks

How-to: blend/press chickpeas, olive oil and garlic, I used Oscar. Ad tahina, a pinch of salt and chili (optional but I like it a bit spicy) and mix. Eat it with vegetables like cauliflower, carrots and cucumbers



Dinner: raw spring-rolls 


How to: stuff your rice paper with any vegetables you want. I chose carrots, red peppers, avocado, celery and mung-beans noodles. 

Tip: make a spicy oriental sauce to it: tahina, tamari, chili, gnger, lime and a splash of water


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