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Waiting for Bazaar

Waiting for Bazaar

Not sure if I bragged before about my collaboration with Harpers’ Bazaar but I think it’s time I do it. And that because I am super proud to be a guest editor in one of my all times favorite magazine. I have a section called “Body Confessions” where I talk about my passion for fitness, food and fashion. 


I basically have a theme in each issue and the first one was about what I eat. As you know I started the year with a bit of a though no-carbs diet that I kept for 5 weeks and together with that I also modified accordingly my training schedule. I gave some tips about how to work out and save your energy through a diet and some of my favorites shops where I buy the organic and super foods.

I was so excited and happy when I first read my own article in Harper’s Bazaar. In case you haven’t read it in the magazine, you can find it online HERE

And of course now I am waiting for the next issue that will come out TOMORROW! It’s about my training routine, what I like to listen in the gym and some tips for a sporty chic look!

I hope you will enjoy it too and I’m waiting for your feedbacks and suggestions!





It all started very glamourous with a photo shooting organized by Harper’s Bazaar with make-up, hair & styling. We chose a familiar location, World Class America House, the gym where I train. And I was wearing the dress that I trained my body to fit in! So everything was perfect and in great harmony with my own beliefs and lifestyle! 

Hair: George Soare 

Make up: Ana Mironescu

Styling: Lil Bulgac

Photo: Robert Petreanu


I was wearing Stefanel leather top, H&M skirt, Charlotte Olympia boots



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