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When the shop has to stop?

When the shop has to stop?

Oh I hope this will not become a habit...writing every 2 weeks, but I am preparing another surprise we have been working for the last few months and it takes almost all my stay tune and soon I’ll share it with you


In the meantime I must tell you about my latest experience last weekend when I was in beloved stylish city where I always get super inspired and find so many cool things to buy...nope this time the only think I got was shopophobia...ok maybe this is not a contagious disease, maybe not a disease at all...maybe not even a word (since there is no guesses or spellings found on it)...but could actually be a sign? 

It might be time to slow down...I know I have in plan to live the slow life, to eat the slow-food, but also to slow-shop...or like this time no-shop? 

Well I guess I have to slowly analyze the situation and hope for an answer...or a cure! 

Not sure yet what I want...


what do you think?


don't stop reading ...

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