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Andy Tauer and his fragrant world

Andy Tauer and his fragrant world

Few months ago I had the pleasure to meet Andy Tauer at the HIEROGAMIE event. Such a nice person, very friendly and open to share his experiences and a very talented artist. Well he has made one of my favorite perfumes, the spicy L'air du desert marocain, so you can understand why I like the guy :) 

Andy says about his work: "Tauer perfumes is a dream come true. My vision was, and still is, to create perfumes that are beyond the ordinary. I want to create perfumes the way our ancestors did: With love for scents, selecting the best fragrances there are, with creativity and guided by pure joy. Ultimately, I create perfumes for the joy of scents. Behind every perfume is a picture that leads and guides me. Behind every fragrant picture is the wish to form a unique pleasure"

Andy also has a blog I recommend to follow to get inspire from his love for nature and life. And to try his beautiful fragrances stop by Createur 5 d'emotion.


What is your current state of mine?

Right now, my mind is hoping like a rabbit, forth and back, there is a lot going on. This is standard for me. I have always a couple of things that I need to think of and think through in parallel. Sometimes I just need to go out, into the woods, to run and do exercises, in order to clear the head. Thus, the mind right now is busy with X-mas and stocking up, buying flacons, learning Indesign, answering this interview, rethinking tuberose formulas in my excel, and imagining pictures with the corresponding text snippets for my upcoming brochure. The tuberose keeps me busy since a year: It starts worrying me deeply. 

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

"Sei munter wie ein Pudel, aber vergiss nie dein Rudel!" This is German. It was an advice given to me when I left Switzerland for Texas, USA, where I was supposed to stay for one year. A non poetic translation might be: Be happy like a poodle, but never forget your pack. In German it sounds so much better, though. I followed the advice and came back home after a year.

What is your greatest fear?

I cannot really stand heights, in the sense of vertigo. Thus, put me up there on the rim with the big nothingness beneath me and there I'll die. There is an irony in this fear: My father was a climber. 

Which living person do you most admire ?

I think, Nelson Mandela is very high on this list. I admire him for being able to forgive. 

What was the last thing you bought? 

I got a bag, a Samsonite bag, for my gym stuff. I got tired of cramming my sport shoes, shirts and the rest you need for the gym into my backpack. So I decided to get a nice sport bag. And, as I learned in the past that buying cheap is more expensive than buying quality, I went for a Samsonite. Online. On second thought: I guess, food doesn't count, right? Otherwise, my last buying action was mushrooms, beef, paprika and garlic for a curry. But how about the materials that I buy for my perfume business? There I acquired something really special, right yesterday: Rose oil, in organic quality, from Afghanistan. I got a sample from a supplier, loved its quality immediately, and cherished the idea even more that somewhere in Afghanistan a farmer plants roses instead of poppy. How great is that? 

I smelled the rose oil, and thought immediately: What a neat quality, and I could do a limited fragrance with it, maybe for Christmas... so I bought some and will get it delivered tomorrow. And then you can add rose oil to the list of things that keep my mind busy.

What is your most treasured possession?

Two answers: 

1) my ipad. I would have a hard time without it. It is probably the technical object that I touch most during the day. 

2) An old picture, about 5x8 cm, black and white. Showing my mom, holding me, when I was about 9 months. It is one of these sacred objects that you let never go.

Which talent would you most like to have?

To be honest: I am so blessed already with talent. Another one would not make my life easier. Right now, I create perfumes and in the little time that is left I try to paint and illustrate. Or in a more modest way: I think I should focus on what I have. Thus, I am happy with what I got, but I would really like to get some patience. I guess, this is not a talent but more a virtue. It would be nice if patience would just drop from heaven and I could happily wait for all the things that do not happen in time, or in the time I want them to happen.

What makes you laugh?

The Simpsons, sometimes. Home order TV, rarely, mostly when I am really tired and need a 5 minutes, zero brain power relaxation before going to bed. Sometimes, the way products are offered there is so odd and involuntarily fun. 

To be frank: Mostly I get a really good, hearty laugh about myself. You know: We humans make so many stupid things and mistakes. The only way to survive this insight is by laughing it out of your brain.

What sites do you visit everyday?

Now, that IS a good question: Chrome's start page tells me it is Facebook, Tauer Perfumes for the blog and the administrative background, twitter, the  Swiss post site for web stamps, shipments and my business account. But then there's much more: I am on google quite often, visit various newspaper pages, such as NY Times, NZZ, I am on Wikipedia, Leo for translations, on digital tech gadget sites like digitec, on ebookers for flights, on SBB for trains, on booking for hotels (you see: I travel a lot), on Lounge-Radio for my music, on Adobe to learn, on Amazon to buy e-books, on various suppliers' sites, on youtube, on blogs, ... this list could go on for a while. Bottom line, I am on the web a lot. I just realized: Maybe I am there a touch too much!

Which question do you most dread being asked?

"What is your favorite perfume of your line?" I get it a lot. My answer is always disappointing to my perfume loving friends


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